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Ways to print with 3rd Party Slicer
If you dont mind, please name the file .txt and upload it. Ill see if it converts, sends, and prints. I cant check the file for errors with only a portion. You could also send your converted file (.3w) for me to double check.)

What firmware and xyz version are you running?

Ok well if you didn't find it here yet, this is the header I use on all my prints. I just paste it in in notepad++. Yes the output should be the exact same as the online converter.

; filename = composition.3w
; machine = daVinciF10
; material = abs
; layer_height = 0.4
; total_layers = 30
; total_filament = 501.40
; extruder = 1
G21 ; set units to millimeters
M190 S90 ; wait for bed temperature to be reached
M104 S225 ; set temperature
M109 S225 ; wait for temperature to be reached
G90 ; use absolute coordinates
G92 E0
M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion
G1 F1800.000 E-1.00000
G92 E0

And if it helps here is a quick vid of the process I use every-time.

slicer you-tube vid

Hi Kieth and Josh, thanks for your help.

Kieth; XYZ firmware 1.1.I Files attached.

Josh; that header did not work.


I would downgrade firmware and go to an earlier version of xyzware. 1.1.i has too many issues, IMO.

Didnt see any file attached. ?

Hmm can't seem to get an attachment to work. Trying again on this post. /no luck do I need a post count to attach or other permission? It says it is uploading but does not show up in the post.

If the firmware is the issue why can I use the gcode file here

That file printed very nicely with 230 C head temp.
you can always use dropbox or some other solution to post the txt file, or send it to [email protected] Send me the stl and the slicer output and heck even the slic3r config if you know where it is.
I noticed that a .3w file that I have tried to open with xyzware is changed from the base64 encoded it started as. When I open the same file in notpad++ after load into xyzware it looks like this:

3DPFNKG13WTW 'á ½kN˜ß |БÅ,» ‘1Ë¿YI©æÔþB±,ìoJ‚ãÿ½ÑÒº¦NiåÙæ5T ì ¨Î)
—‘@EÆƐ*‚:j†Ó=2nóÉ}ü“%Ëþ¦ÑuÔÉ‘†yCŒZIR_8XŽØ5Imöµì.ì×Å^¸)}Ő‚jó@Zì2â8R.¬Ý?w!ùMÝ)ÍWi[email protected]ƒãÀ Û4¬ HT€Ói« ,¼ûK«5ŒPªöÑåD«qòзrCA;†û“:„ßX±œÞµ›íƒÀY§h5/²Wß,š*g!òuO#vžBÏ9¬ðAדóI&ã±”b×­vM#|¸t*›9Èúz1
Ž™†`Ûƒ¿•[¡Æ& •Q •ò́d(" ¥ÿã{XÉ0QCÊ°Œ€Ùðz «Œ·JTŒN>µ¥oÜ ­¹‹xz‡ Î±rb§
ššv¶æ‰öQÜ?2œRx—Înd„Ò•W"—G>C5d.ý-ṓµ3ScpÂE'{%×"[¯BÂÞz’¥c™ed€Œ…-š†ñÖá ÊÛe
Ò¯©VØcX\ ×/ˆ÷»ë·§­†(Q'J‘ŒäÄîñ\ŽÝ"t£ @pHÎ"£l™¿M‘

The format has changed a while back. They are now zip'ing the GCODE file contents and scrambling the header.
However, XYZWare can still _read_ the old Base64 encoded format described in this thread.

This is a decoder for the new file format. It should be trivial to create an encoder if needed.


private static void decode() throws Exception {
        String key = "";
        byte[] kbb = key.getBytes("UTF-8");

        InputStream is = new FileInputStream("/tmp/davinci.3w");
        ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
        int c;
        while ((c = != -1)
        byte[] bytes = bos.toByteArray();
        Cipher aes = Cipher.getInstance("AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding");
        SecretKeySpec spec = new SecretKeySpec(kbb, "AES");
        byte[] iv = new byte[16];   // Zero IV
        aes.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, spec, new IvParameterSpec(iv));
        FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("/tmp/");
        for (int i = 0x2000; i < bytes.length; i += 0x2010) {
            os.write(aes.doFinal(bytes, i, Math.min(bytes.length - i, 0x2010)));
Thanks to Josh I was able to figure out what was wrong, and am now printing from Slic3r at 223C head temp. At least according to xyzware printer monitor. Some people say you need to have the cartridge reset to allow higher temp, but that does not seem to be the case for mine.

My problem was Slic3r was set to gcode flavor "no extrusion" and it needs to be RepRap. So for any beginner Slic3r users make sure you get all the right field set in Slic3r.

Thanks all!
That would explain why my Slic3r attempts never work....
Ok being asked for help on the u-tube vid I figured I would attempt to bring the conversation here.

The first code paste is output from xyzware. Its only real use is for a clean header and for testing base 64 conversion.

The second code is splic3r output and I would have taken the header info from the first code and pasted it over the second code's header info.

I had gotten in the habbit of always pasting over header info as it took 2 seconds and was better than opening everything back up if it didn't work on the odd ball occasions.

this is second slic3r generated code.
I have no luck either. Xyzware crashes every time after importing or drag and dropping a gcode - 3w file.
whit what do you execute your decoder script?
best regard
chris - post your exact steps, and attach the stl file, the g-code file you generated, and the 3w file as zips.

I'll try copy your steps and see if it happens here.

Has anyone written a script for Slic3r to automatically set up the appropriate header information in the gcode?
Seems to work by adding the header to"custom gcode" in the configuration.

Yes, adding the header in the 'custom gcode' section puts the correct information in the output file, but it still needs to be opened after it's generated, and the stuff moved to the top of the file. I've seen that Slic3r has the ability to execute perl scripts after generating gcode, so I'm hoping someone with perl skills will create a script that does the cut/paste of the XYZ header automatically.
Have you considered just uploading your gcode to the sdcard so you dont have to do all that stuff? Someone posted a link to a cable so you dont have to cut the case of the printer, my wifi hack still works on earlier versions of software, the transcend card is reported to work without firmware mods using FTP, and of course you can always switch to custom firmware.

To be honest, at this point with the custom firmware I would be surprised to see much development on the XYZ software hacks... but - I would love to be wrong.


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