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WiFi hack
Has anyone tried any other wifi cards with the Da Vinci? How about the EyeFi? It would be nice if it were possible to have a card that wasn't 8.3....
My VERY brief research says the EyeFi card won't allow writing to the card via wifi, only reading from.
Now being able to write to the EyeFi is why I purchased the FlashAir. If your goal is only wireless printing, you might consider the purchase of a USB to WIFI adapter. They are out there and allow you to connect to the USB port over wifi as if you had a cable connected to that port. If you go with usb>wifi, consider the alternate ways to upload your Slic3r files making use of the xyzware communications.

One option is the Toshiba Flash Air SD Card.
It comes in 8, 16 and 32GB sizes.

It doesn't come with Upload mode out the box, but it is very easy to enable that function. (This includes enabling it's own web server)

Here are a few links with some relevant information on activating upload mode, the api, and a couple other bits and pieces:!topic/...st5ZIfs5L0

The EyeFi card doesnt seem to support upload mode, so I dont think it would be useful in the case of the Da Vinci.
Be aware the FlashAir has limitations.

1) Anything uploaded will be all upper case. "qwErty.tXt" becomes "QWERTY.TXT"

2) Only Dos 8.3 filenames are supported by the upload.cgi.

3) Ive posted significantly on the firmware mods that anyone capable of modifying the firmware should be able to make it work. SORRY, Im not giving step by step on doing it. Frankly, there is a risk to semi-brick the printer requiring atmel software (sam-ba) to restore it. If you need step by step there is big chance you will fall in that catagory. The portions that need to be modified are human readable with a hex editor. Dont change bit/byte positions unless you want a brick. There are, I suspect, copyright issues with the firmware. Interestingly, others are working to prove XYZ is using slic3r behind the scenes, and if so they would be required to GPL there code --- which it seems they arent willing to do. For these reasons *I* will not provide more detailed information nor will I release a firmware. (There is no notice of any kind provided with the spare cartridges I have purchased that lead anyone to think the cartridge is copyright, trademark, patented, etc etc... So, I believe modifying the cartridge is absolutely no different than refilling ink cartridges, a clearly legal practice.)

Regarding firmware, I am working on pinout information and modification of open source software, but this is no easy task. (You cant just load a firmware and try it - if the pinouts are wrong it stands significant chance of destroying or damaging hardware.)

Thanks for that info about the Wifi card.

I'm sure someone with good python/cgi skills could get round that 8.3 filename limit.

I think the firmware discussion is O.T. in this thread, but I will say:
There are tens of thousands of forums/websites dedicated to modifying firmware/uploading custom roms/bricking/unbricking.
These range from Apple/Samsung/Blackberry/Nokia/etc....
Have a look at XDA forums.

Copyright has nothing to do with ANYTHING in this forum.
Hacking a devices Firmware is legal. As long as you don't sell a method to do so for profit, or sell the modified hardware itself.
You yourself say that hacking the firmware for the cartridge is ok. So why not the printer?

About not posting step by step guide because people could brick their printer.
again, I don't see how that applies. I have seen step by step guides to unbrick a NAS board, being done done by total noobs. Most get it right. Some get it wrong. It is a learning experience.
People will try it if they want, under their own responsibility.

It might be a good idea for someone who knows about Atmel boards to post some info about the board itself.
For starters, this JTag will work on the board inside the Da Vinci:
As I said, Ive got my reasons, and Ive provided more than enough info for someone to modify their own firmware. At any time xyz could simply checksum the firmware and then the hex edits become history. Id rather spend the time getting an open source firmware working (which I am beginning to work on).

I agree, The firmware discussion was relevant to the wifi discussion. It is now drifting off the road. If you want to continue the firmware discussion lets begin a new thread...

Regarding the cgi, its a part of the firmware for the toshiba card. I suspect it would be difficult to modify. Josh, if I read correctly, thinks the 8.3 limit might not apply to the v2 cards. I dont have a v2, so I cant confirm.

BTW, You dont need to jtag the Da Vinci board. I already mentioned Sam-BA software from atmel. Its also easy to program it to be an Arduino Due.

Thanks for the info. I'm really interested in finding a way to easily upload slicr files without having to remove the SD card. The WIFI option seems nice but I'd rather not have to mod the firmware to do it. Looks like Oliver has another method going where he needs someone to figure out the checksum for the USB transfer. Hope that works...
Do you think a third party print spooler type device (link a usb to ethernet dlink) would work? I have one somewhere and might give it a try...
There are some wifi>usb devices that will work, so I have been told. Essentially the device connects via wifi, and the usb cable from the printer plugs into said device. On your computer you install a "usb server" which (for lack of better terms) "prints" all the usb commands to the device via wifi. This operation is a bit different from a print server. I do not know if a basic print server will work...

You can find a few such things that might work on ebay by searching for "wireless wifi usb hub."

Ebay item # 310766724291 is one such device that *should* work but note that I have not tested it.
( no affiliation at all with that seller. I recommend locating one close to you in case you need to return it.)

Thanks for posting the info kieth,

I wont use it but I am sure many will.

Do me a favor guys and submit a hack a day news tip on this one also, I posted the last one. And this is almost as good.

keep it up guys.
Any advice on best getting to the SD Card? I'd ideally not like to void the warranty by cutting a hole...


2 torx screws on the cover. Unplug the printer. Take the 6 torx out of the main board. Then you can slide the board left far enough to get the card out. Its obviously not something you want to do a lot... And, be careful you dont scratch the back of the PCB and damage it.

Just in case someone is interested, I have rewrited a little the filemanager UI for toshiba flash-air, you can find others version I guess - here is mine.
It display content, allow upload and delete and display SD card information

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