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My DaVinci 1.0 extruder was grinding up filament
so decided to dive in and clean it up
Which turned into full fledged surgery

That dingus atop the extruder has nothing to do with loading filament
It is the release for the extruder
-- Remove filament
-- press it down and pull extruder assembly up and out

-- this shows the extruder board separated from drive wheels

This shows gear on stepper motor and idler to push filament
idler has light and dark segments but I didn't notice sensor to use them

Here is the hot end

The thermistor came out ( held in with RTV )

I heated the hot end to 220deg C
Drilled out stuck filament with drill smaller than 1.75mm
And used 1.75 mm plunger to expel all ABS in hot end
I reinstalled the thermistor with some Hi Temp RTV
and aluminum and kapton tape

In all the twisting of wires -- one of the wires to heating element
broke off right at ceramic
I installed a new heater slug (after a lot of grinding out of the hole in hotend)

Looks like all is working well -- have to reassemble it all
and wait to see if it will function
just plug up again
:S[Image: Extruder_0548.jpg][Image: Extruder_ckt_0555.jpg][Image: thermister_0562.jpg][Image: Hotend-0558.jpg][Image: Extruder_wheel_0553.jpg]
I can't get consistent extruder feed.
I mark filament at 100mm and command 100
but get less than half of the distance?
Even setting extruder steps/mm up doesn't change it.
Different filaments don't change problem

I am afraid that idler needs to have some type of pressure adjustment.
a different gear used on motor

Anybody go suggestion -- other than replacing extruder??

where do you change these settings ? in code of fw or in EEPROM using host ?
If filament is slipping, please see the stupid fix.

Fyi, the thermistor is actually physically held in by the screw located on top plane of extruder nozzle.

to access this, this nozzle is detachable, which could also be your issue if your nozzle is on wrong height.

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