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Hardware mods x 3 Extruder / Resetter / Filament holder
Well I've had my Da Vinci Plus 1.1 for about a month and I've now got it to a standard I'm happy with. I've uploaded all my mods on Thingiverse... They are;

MK8 Extruder using original firmware upgrade

Touchscreen cartridge eeprom reprogrammer

Side filament roll holder

All details and files are included with each, any questions please as away :-)


Steve[Image: IMG_20150816_105815784_HDR.jpg][Image: IMG_20150830_142145.jpg][Image: IMG_20150829_115530866_HDR.jpg]
Hi steve. Your thingiverse links for the extruder and touchscreen point to the extruder.

Very nice job on the mod. I'm doing the same things to mine and I'm glad you included the stepper pinout changes - I hadn't crossed that bridge yet.

Best Wishes,
Hi Larry,

thanks and I've corrected the link. :-)

I have just ordered a MK8 Extruder off ebay to fit to my Da Vinci 1.0A. Looking at the pictures it looks like a fairly simple process. I don't yet have the extruder, and haven't taken apart the da vinci yet so just have a couple of questions.

Did your extruder come with the PTFE tubing that feeds the extruder? (The long one) or do I need to order that separately?. I order this one ( but it doesn't show the tubing in the photo).

Also in your photo, where the PTFE tube feeds into the top, there looks to be a black rubber washer or something with silver rings around it. Is this part of the original extruder housing or something?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Matt,

The Mk8 Extruder I got does have a ptfe liner inside the extruder hotend but I think you're on about the other bit. The rubber grommet is part of the original and once you take it apart you will see it. I cut down the original nylon tube a bit but it will all come clear when you dissemble your's. You will need some longer screws for the fan / motor mounting. I also used the original fan so it's only the middle bit you need of the mk8 extruder really.

Let me know if you need any futher photos etc, will help as much as I can.

Hi Matt. If a ebay listing doesn't say it's included, it's not, as a rule. Here is what you'll need - tubing

You also may need the tubing fittings if they aren't included.

I can't follow your link since it appears broken, can you try that again.
Thanks for that. I have ordered some PTFE tubing for the long bit. Fairly sure I have some M3 and M4 bolts and screws for the fan so that should be ok.

Out of interest have you tried printing NinjaFlex with this extruder? I tried with my orignal da vinci but it wouldn't feed. Would be nice to play with a new material Smile

I haven't Matt to be honest. I've only used ABS and PLA both 3rd party and not had a failed print yet! Very pleased with it to be honest, the quality of the print is really good compared to my reprap I built. Ninjaflex is about £40 here so it's a bit expensive compared to the £15 I pay for PLA/ABS. You shouldn't need to buy any tubing as I just used the stuff from the original You have the long flexi tubing from the back to the extruder, this is the same and then you have the black coupler. This then goes to a smaller tube that's pushed through the rubber grommet. It's this piece I cut down a little. I think all the bolts are M3, one needs to be a small domed one but the rest are cap heads. I also put a little countersink where the 1.75mm filament going into the extruder just to help it a little on it's way.
MY Da Vinci doesn't have the long tube going from the back to the extruder which is why I thought you had added it on. Mine just has a piece about an inch long that pokes through the hole at the top/back of the machine. The filamnet just pokes through there and then feeds into the top of the extruder and isn't contained at all. Maybe it's because I have the 1.0A?

I'm in the UK too and yes the Ninjaflex is expensive. But for some reason I want to print a squidgy object just so I can say I did! Tongue

Looking online it looks like you can print a mod for the Mk8 that helps it print ninjaflex. The filament has to reamin completely supported all the way through the extruder otherwise it just kinks when being pushed through.

I just need to try and unblock my original print head now so I can print the parts. Had my first jam and its being a pain in the ass to clear :-).
Yep, been there and nearly smashed mine to pieces trying to get the old extruder unit out which wouldnt come as it had a broken bit of filament at the top which stopped it dropping down. I ended up bending the metal bracket .. after swearing a lot and calling Da Vinci for such a stupid design.. lol

Mines a 1.1 plus so I'm guessing they added the tube after. I'm running the original firmware which is why I've used the existing extruder motor which keeps the diameter of the cog the same.

I would love to try different materials to print.. might have to jump on ebay next pay day and have a look :-)
Since I am running Repetier on mine, If I choose to use the stepper motor that comes with the extruder, would it just be a case of changing the steps/mm for the extruder?
Yep, you will need to move the cog out a little (3mm) because of the motor printed bracket. There wasn't much difference in the diameter between the two being honest.. 0.08mm but the teeth are more sharp on the mk8 I think so may sink in a little more.

You will still need to reverse the extruder motor wires to change it's direction but otherwise good to go. The MK8 extruder I got, the connector for the old motor fitted fine.
find attached the code for tftpaint that worked great, the only thing I noticed was the dot was just a little off from the stylus tip by about 1mm. the screen test works great with excellent response time. Thanks for any help. the zip file contains all the files that I downloaded with the two working files. the other non-shield tests did not work for me. just the paint and graphics test worked.

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