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Incorrect Temps on Boot
I have a Da VInci 1.0 running Repetier .92 that I have been printing with for years now. All of a sudden upon boot my temps are WAY off from what they should be and have been historically. I thought at first that it was just a thermistor problem, so I replaced it, but am stuck with the same problem. I have an e3dv6 hotend with a brand new thermistor. Anybody have any ideas or similar experiences? My heated bed stopped responding about a year ago but I just stopped using it at that point, up until this event it always just displayed room temperature, now upon boot both the hotend and the heated bed read at 166 degrees C even when I completely disconnect the thermistor from the hotend. I am less concerned with the heated bed, just throwing it in there for context. ANY help is appreciated, thanks!


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