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da Vinci 2.0A Duo, broken bed glass repair.

Yet another method to repair broken bed glass in da Vinci 3D printers.
After 30 months of using my bed glass was totally damaged.
Cost of new one is enormously high, so I decided to try to fix it myself.
It is impossible to buy a borosilicate glass of such dimensions so I decide to use an aluminium plate instead.

Original glass dimensions: 210x160x3 mm.
Used aluminium plate used dimensions: 210x160x5 mm.
Surface: Coropad, Polish BuildTak competitor ( ).

More full size images:



The heater is glued to the glass, but it is not too difficult to disassemble it.
If the temperature of the heater is about 70C the glue is not too strong so you can take the heater off easily.
The glue don't lose its properties, so it can be used again.




Finishing - Coropad.



In my opinion, it is possible to use one metal plate or "layer-cake" of total thickness from 3 to 6 mm.
If thickness is greater that 4mm some changes are necessary.
The pin which fix corners of the plate have to be longer or their handle in the bed should be shortened.
Rear bed adjustment screw have to be mounted not in metal plate but directly in plastic bed as two other adjustment screw.
"layer-cake" - I wanted to glue the heater to thin metal plate and cover it with ordinary tempered glass.
Then it would be possible to change the damaged glass without disassembling the heater.
But I had 5 mm aluminium plate and I did not have a spare time to do this.

All changes are being made on YOUR responsibility.
I'm NOT liable for any damages or injuries during the changes or as its results.

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