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Possible incorrect jumping during flash
Hi Guys, 

Apologies for being a bit of a noob here this is my first post. 

I tried following some tutorial to flash my 2.0 duo.

My board didnt match any of the ones on the vidoes so i jumped what i thought was the correct port ( 2 empty ports on J11) as far as i can tell from comments i have since read it is possible i should have jumped J37. 

The result of what i did made a small poof of smoke from the capacitors on the bottom left.

The screen registers as it should for having wiped the software off (2 black lines)

But here is the issue nothing happens when i plug it into the laptop. no notification of any sort and nothing listed on device manager.

I have a bad feeling i have F**cked the motherboard now......please tell me otherwise.


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