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DaVinci 1.0/E3Dv6 Question
Hello. I have a DaVinci machine (model 2 - the one with jp37), which i flashed with repetier 0.92 and installed a e3dv6 on it. Everything works just fine. 

My only question is: can i change in configuration.h maximum extruder temperature to something like 300? I am pretty sure the assembly is pretty well cooled. Not even 300. just 275, maybe 280. With stock settings is set at 270. E3D boasts that it can do  400. 

Thing is, I have 8 kilos of a very difficult filament that I really don't want to throw away. And it prints fine, except every once in a while, after 2 hours of printing something insanely large, it just clogs and remains clogged enough seconds to create an error. A big enough error that is not correctable. And i really can't sit for 8 hours just watching the damn thing every second. I could, but i really don't want to. 

My second question is: can this problem I'm having could be related to temperature not being reported correctly? and 

More specifically thermistor table. After changing the extruder, but nothing in the firmware, I feel like i have to put more heat into the extruder to print, as i did with previous stock extruder. it's not a lot, just 5-10 degrees. Not only for the troublesome filament, but any filament.

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