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Duo with 2x E3D V6
Hello Community,

this is my first post here. I come from Germany and my english is limitted.

My 2.0A works fine with Repetier FW. Thanks to Luc !

Here are some pictures from new extruder:
printed with ABS

with kind regards

Looks really nice - do you plan to share the CAD and STL files ?
I plan to upgrade my duo soon and your approach is very clean
Hello Luc,

I'm glad I can give you the files!

Unfortunately, some problems have become visible during testing.
The distance of the nozzles from the DaVinci extruder is smaller than my variant.
Now there are problems with the reference travel of the Z-axis. The left nozzle is now just above the bed. Is there a way to compensate with the firmware? If I change the limit switch of Z, I have no collision with the nozzle but then the distance to the bed is no longer correct at printing.
I tried with "Coating Thickness" to fix this but unfortunately does not work.
Currently I use only the right nozzle. This works well.
The files I created with Fusion360. What format do you need?

Best regards


Sorry, i use google translator..
All positions are in EEPROM - so very easy to change
EXT0 at home :

EPR:3 133 0.000 X min pos [mm]

EPR:3 137 0.000 Y min pos [mm]
EPR:3 141 0.000 Z min pos [mm]

Extra position shift:

EPR:2 231 0 Extr.1 X-offset [steps]

EPR:2 235 0 Extr.1 Y-offset [steps]
EPR:2 290 0 Extr.1 Z-offset [steps]

EXT1 vs EXT0:

EPR:2 331 -2852 Extr.2 X-offset [steps]
EPR:2 335 12 Extr.2 Y-offset [steps]

EPR:2 390 0 Extr.2 Z-offset [steps]

Bed size:

EPR:3 145 199.000 X max length [mm]

EPR:3 149 204.000 Y max length [mm]
EPR:3 153 200.000 Z max length [mm]

About Z position:
when homing your extruder noozle is lower or higher of the bed ?
How big is the distance ?
how did you change `limit switch of Z`moving the sensor?
I ask these questions because in almost most case the "safer" solution is to move the end-stop sensor as FW may help but does not cover all cases
another solution is to modify your files to take this constraint in account but it will depend the size of extruder - it seems you allow some pad in Z

Noozzles positions:
 On picture your 2 noozles seems not in same level, but may be it is just for the picture and you adjust them already ?
I say that because both nozzles must be as much as possible at same heigth to avoid the lowest one to ruin the print when using the highest one.

I see Fusion360 have a trial version so looks fine - thank you  Big Grin
Hello Luc,

i know the values in Eeprom but i found no solution there for my problem.
To change Triggerposition from z-Endstop is easy with another length of Sheet angle but that is also no solution.
if z-endstop is in correct position the left nozzle hits the bed at homing. If i change triggerposition from z the bed is to low for printing.
i think the only way is to edit the design for changing the nozzle-position. i hope there is enough space..

kindly regards

Hi Hannes,

so I see the noozles are now too low, and so you have to up the left extruder to avoid it to hit the bed at home position, and now you only can use the right extruder, I am correct ? 

In theory, upping the flag is normally the solution - other people use this solution already (

Why do you say it is not working ? after applying the right size for the flag heigh,  you just need to redo you bed leveling process using screws and everything should be OK
what issue do you meet ?
Hello Luc,

when I adjust the height of the nozzles on the surface of the bed (0mm) then touch the nozzles the bed at Homing because the first approach of the end stop is fast. Which means that the table is minimally in the negative range. It is only at the second approach of the end stop that the correct zero point is determined with a slow speed.
I hope you understand what i mean.
With the original double extruder of the DaVinci was the nozzle position just beside the bed and there were no problems. I think it would be better to do so with a new construction. What do you think ?

The height of the nozzles can be easily adjusted with a screw (M4). Changing an extruder is also very easy. If you print additional holders, the use of another extruder is easily possible. I would like to use a laser for engraving later.

Thanks and Greetings

Hi Hannes,
Yes I understand -  yes it is better to modify carriage as FW modification won't cover all cases, sorry

I hope you can do it, as your holder really rocks and would allow a lot of things

Keep us updated
Hi Luc,

it is possible to change the design but it would have to remove the bridge in the sledge.

Since I do not have a second printer I will first finish the Bowden feeder and only then print new parts for the E3D extruder.
Do you want to wait or have the old version?

best regards

Hi Hannes,

I am not in hurry so I will wait  take your time pls Tongue

what is the distance you need to change if I may ask ?  if around 5mm looking at your picture you may move 3mm the holder position and decrease the stickness of your support (2~3mm) on bridge level instead of cutting the bridge itself
I just guess as it is hard to evaluate from picture
Hello Luc,
My goal was, until now, always make all the modifications to my printer so that the original hardware does not have to be changed.
Now I will nevertheless remove this bridge because the place is simply too tight.
I installed a new heating bed. This is about 2mm larger. In addition, I would like some reserve at this point. I've measured: I'm missing 4mm to solve my problem. This bridge has, I hope, no function. Stability is not affected.
In order to be able to print new parts, the Bowden feeder must work properly. For testing, I have an MK8 from China mounted. This is scrap.

The new parts I have almost finished in the CAD.

best regards

Ok - good luck - I can't wait to see the result  Big Grin
Hello Luc,
The work in the CAD is finished. I have found a way to move the left extruder by 5mm to the right. The web on the carriage does not have to be changed / removed. This is how it looks now:
Now I have to print the new parts only.
Which steppers fit the DaVinci 2.0A? Because the stepper drivers are integrated I would like to make no mistake.
I would like to use 2 new steppers for the Bowden feeder.

best regards


p.s.: What makes the spam in the forum?
Hi Hannes,

Looks nice - good job

On 2.0a stepper drivers are soldered on main board so not easy to change unlike old generation ( -
here another thread of someone did it on old generation
Hello luc,

this is probably a misunderstanding. I would not change the drivers. I would like to buy 2 other stepper and am not sure which fit to the 2.0A.
I'm sorry but I have problems to write in english correct.
At 62 years I make mistakes.


Hi Hannes,
should  be my mistake I may read too fast

I have the specsheet on my github

for the old generation I guess should be same for new ones
Hi Luc,

Thank you very much. Is there any DaVinci questions you have no answer to?

I had bought a NEMA17 stepper from china. It does not run at DaVinci. So my question.

The first parts are ready. I hope very much that everything fits. CAD and reality are sometimes not the same. Smile


Hi Luc, hi Hannes,

first off all i want to thank Luc for his great job in developing the Repetier firmware for the DaVincis.

A few month ago, i had issues with the extruders and nozzles of my DaVinci 2.0A. So i also dicided to change to E3D-Style Hotends.

and this is what i came up with:
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]

Hello Thomas,
this looks very good. It is nice here to find an owner of a 2.0A.
Thank you for your contribution.
Since I am currently rebuilding I have many questions.
Did you use the original carriage ?
Which E3D are they? (V5 or V6)
Which feeder do you use? Do you have new stepping motors for this?

I use S3D and still look for the right settings. The results now look better than before the conversion.

best regards

Hello Hannes,

i removed the original carriage and replaced it with "my creation"  Smile

The hotends are very cheap copys of the E3D- V5, but they work quite well.

At the begining i wanted to use this extruder but it didnt fit as i wanted. So i took the feeder and the heater blocks and used it with the V5-copies.
The new stepper motors working well on the original wiring. Atm im using Repetier host, but im working on including a RaspberryPi with Octopi to my DaVinci.



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