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acurate eeprom bed and extruder temps
I was using an arduino to reset the filament eeprom, and I am noticing that the temps I enter do not reflect the actual temps on the printer.
Example being;
   I set the bed temp to 90, the printer heats to 68-ish
   I set the bed temp to 100, the printer heats to 80-ish
   I set the extruder temp to 230, the printer heats to 210-ish
   I set the extruder temp to 245, the printer heats to 250-ish

I used a text to hex converter to figure out the extra temp codes that I added to the reset code.
I am wondering what all temps are recognized by the firmware, and why they are so inaccurate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
 This is on a davinci duo running 2.0j.

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