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Da Vinci 2.0 Duo and Repetier host
Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me.. I have been given a Dai Vinci 2.0 duo a week ago and its my first 3D printer. Basically what it is, the left head doesnt work and I have to set the printer having 2 heads in repetier host as it thinks that the 2nd head is the 1st head. It still uses the 2nd head with some things I print even when I select to use the 2nd exturder in the "object placement" tab.....

So is there anyway in repetier to get it to see the 1st(right) head as being the default one, not the  2nd(left) head? The printer is using repetier 0.92

Ah yeah, is there anywhere I can but complete new heads for the duo? because I see that the 2 heads are together. I need a filament lever and spring too?

a little search gave this :
Cura is better slicer for dual extruder as I remember, slic3r always take extruder 0
Thankyou for that quick reply, I have just tried printing something in Cura, but nothing comes out of the nozzle and I tried both nozzles?
Did you had a look to the start / end code I provided in the mentioned thread ?you should  compare to the one you use today as version has changed since then - it is pretty old 
I do not use repetier anymore on my duo so I cannot say more sorry

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