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LCD screen went dead
Hello All,

New to 3D Printing. Just got Davinci Duo only 3 months ago and was just starting to get the hang of it when my LCD screen stopped working. Turn on the machine and you can hear it going thru start up cycle. Push the buttons and I hear beeps. Nothing displays on the screen, stays black. Checked the comm ribbon and it is fine as well. I suspect a Motherboard issue. I hear there are fuses on the board however I have no experience there and have no idea what I'm looking at.  I took a photo of some spots I thought might be a little suspicious looking.

The ones marked  RV4, RV3, RV5 and R16 look darkened to me. Are those fuses? Are they replaceable or do I need a new Mobo? Thats the best closeup photo I can get with my phone sorry. tried dealing with XYZ printing and they have been less than helpful. They wont answer simple questions and keep promising to call me. They are going to try again tonight at 6 pm. Im not holding my breath, it's been three weeks.


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