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Boot loop
Had been running my 1.0 printer on 0.91 Repetier for several years, but finally decided to do an E3D upgrade and moved to 0.92 at the same time.

Managed to build and flash using the Arduino IDE (1.6.12), but made a mistake with where I put variants.CPP and botched the install.  Got two black bars on the screen and realised my mistake.

Shorted JP1 to reset, but thereafter Windows fails to recognise the USB (unknown device error). I have read many posts on this forum and the Internet, and cannot get either this PC, or another to recognise the device. 

Windows sees a USB device (goes bing bong), but lists it as "unknown device" and I cannot get a driver to work using any known route – I am a programmer by trade and very familiar forcing drivers, et cetera.

I have tried manually refreshing the device driver to the Arduino.inf etc to no avail.

The printer is clearly in "boot loop" and ticks about every 10 seconds as if rebooting. No amount of attempts to short JP1 get it from this state, or get it to appear as a Bossa device.

If I can get it to appear as a device, I am certain I could do the firmware upgrade correctly this time, how to do that? I'm looking for intelligent suggestions what to try next?

I've seen suggestions that:
CPU could be dead – does this give you any visual indications of failure on the board?
PSU 3.3 V rail failed – tested this and seeing correct voltage
corrupt SD card – can I replace/delete files on this? If so, which?

Any help gratefully/suggestions appreciated


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