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Temperature constantly read as 96 Extruder and 109 Bed
I have Repetier 92 moded Davinci 1.0. I've installed e3d v6 mod recently and was calibrating print. After it made a mess on first or second print attempt I was cleaning nozzle with copper brush and right at that time when I was brushing the nozzle it switched off. It felt like a power failure. After I've turned it off and back on it seemed ok. Everything lighted up and came back. I've realised that temperature is constantly read (even after it cooled down) as 96 for extruder and 109 for bed. All steppers are still working and printer reacts to commands like Home all, etc. When I attempt to preheat for ABS it does similar thing - it start heating up and then lights go off for a second and it comes back on. 

I've removed all cables from motherboard except LCD and turned it on - same thing ambient temp is showing 96/109 for cold printer. I am suspecting failure of some part on motherboard. 

I've tried using other ATX power supply and issue manifested in exactly same way - 96/109 C for extruder / bed was reported.

I wonder if anyone experienced this issue in the past? 

(01-29-2017, 08:31 AM)mrjenshen Wrote: EXACTLY the same thing happened to me last night!
Have you ever found a solution ?


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