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4 corners no longer align
Hello all, I just finished doing the power connector upgrade, by replacing the old connector on my Da Vinci 1.0 by soldering on a new deans connector.   That all worked fine for 10 small prints and all of a sudden I had adhesion to the bed problems.  I tried painters tape, the UHU glue with no luck and decided it might have went far off its calibration.  Now when I calibrate the sensor, it will no longer align with the x axis (left/right) movement, or align with the far left front corner.  So I can't get a calibration read without the error in the results, therefore can not continue on and do a paper calibration or print anything.   How can I adjust the x axis so it will move far enough to the left corner of the bed, to get a numerical reading, so I can get it to give me an "OK." while auto calibrating I can get back to printing.

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