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Moderator Edit: Do not request help or discuss problem with any software in this thread. As the title says, this is a repository. If you need help PLEASE start a new thread. If your post is missing from this thread, then unfortunately it did not have anything to do with the repository and you will need to start a new thread. Thanks everyone for your help!

This thread will list current and previous versions of printer firmwares and XYZ printing software.

Please contribute by adding whatever you have, and posting the links to mirrors, so I can update the first post.
(I recommend you use a filehoster that doesn't force people to wait 5 minutes to download a file. Maybe dropbox or mediafire are a good option)

[size=CMS2CMS_LARGE]Original SD Card Contents[/size]
[spoiler]Bonus: Includes the calibration piece used at the Da Vinci factory Smile

[size=CMS2CMS_LARGE]Da Vinci 1.0 Firmware:
Release Date:
Links: None (Yet)

[spoiler]Release Date:
Links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wjprf909wp86d3...ELEASE.bin[/spoiler]

Release Date: 10-03-2014

[spoiler]Release Date: 17-04-2014
[spoiler]Release date: 30-05-2014


Original Software CD

Original Software CD - TW Version
[spoiler]Release Date - 06/03/2014

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date:

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date:

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date: 06/03/2014

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release date: 15/03/2014

XYZWare -
Release date:
Links - None. (Yet!)

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date:

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date: 09-05-2014

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date: 09-05-2014

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date: 13-05-2014

XYZWare -
[spoiler]Release Date:13-05-2014

-Solve the some particular slicing issues and detect error normal vectors of 3d model files.
-Reduce the gap distance between supports and objects.

[size=CMS2CMS_LARGE]Modified/Hacked XYZ Software[/size]

XYZWare - modified to load g-code, curtesy of w34 [size=CMS2CMS_EXTRA_LARGE] - NEW!!![/size]
- Load g-code files (*.gcode)
- No need to do base64 conversion
[spoiler]- No need for XYZ headers when loading .gcode files
- Real-time import adjustments to Simplify3D gcode to run more smoothly on the DaVinci. (There are other optimizations I am making for Simplify3D g-code and if there is enough interest I may upload).
- This version is set as

Usage, rename the old xyz.exe and copy this file into the folder.

Release Date:10-06-2014

XYZWare [size=CMS2CMS_EXTRA_LARGE] - NEW!!![/size]
What's New
- Export to gcode
- Log view window

Usage, rename the old xyz.exe and copy this file into the folder.

[spoiler]Release Date:17-06-2014

Please let me know if there are any dead links, or if there are any other versions that I haven't listed here yet.
And even if there are links here for a certain version, let me know if you have mirrors.
Ok thanks. Ill get the links up in a little while.
XYZ have brought out the latest firmware: 3DP01_FW_V1.1.J.bin

But it is not available for direct download.

Did anyone manage to get a hold of this version?

Update: Included latest 3DP01_FW_V1.1.J firmware download link.
Update: Included FW version E, courtesy of Jin.
Update: Included TW version of Installation CD (ver, in ISO format

Thanks Jin!
Updated: Included XWZWare versions and

Thanks Jin!
Updated: Added
XYZWare - modified to load g-code, curtesy of w34
- Load g-code files (*.gcode)
- No need to do base64 conversion
The download link for the Modified/Hacked XYZ Software is invalid. Can someone upload the file again?
Thanks for the heads up.

I'll have a look for it, and update the link.
Updated W34's XYZ link, added mirror

w34's XYZWare
What's New
- Export to gcode
- Log view window
Thanks again W34

There's a new version of XYZware:

It should be the current version from XYZ.
Hey guys had my Da Vinci for a little while and visit the forums occasionally. I wanted to let you guys know I created a repository separate from this list, but its basically meant to mirror it in-case something happens to the files on people's drop-box accounts.


I hope my post seems helpful! As for legality I don't see anything wrong with hosting old clients on my server, I opted not to host the modified ones though for obvious reasons. Let me know what you guys think! Smile
Here's the link to XYZWare

It was taken down from XYZ's Website for unknown reasons, so I figured it would be good to have on this repository.
I've written a Haskell program to translate gcode to 3w files. I run it on the command line as "xyzify foobar.gcode", but there's also a web interface if you want to use a GUI file picker. I'm working on drag-n-drop, but the web framework I used doesn't really support it - yet.

You can find out more at the source repository.
What was the last firmware that allowed 999 meters?
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